Try some of the best recipes for your Uncle Jammy's sauce and seasonings

Bat Wings featuring What-A-Wonderful Wing Rub and Vanta B Startin' Somethin' 

This ghoulishly delicious Halloween treat provides an extra scare with the blackest BBQ sauce in the world, Vanta B Startin’ Somethin’. And the flavor combination with What-A-Wonderful Wing Rub is frighteningly good.

Enjoy delicious chicken wings that are as black as Dracula’s cold heart. Terrorize the villagers with the taste of Penn Brewery’s Dark Lager that Vanta B is made with, and the savory buttery tang of the What-A-Wonderful Wing Rub. The combination will make you screech.

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Cajun Roasted Pumpkin Seeds featuring Cajun of the 412 

You can make this delicious treat using the pumpkin seeds you took out of your Halloween Jack O Lantern. Cajun of the 412 gives it the perfect spicy flavor. 

1. Soak seeds in salt water overnight

2. Dry thoroughly

3. Toss in Uncle Jammy's Cajun of the 412

4. Roast at 350 for 15-20 minutes

5. Enjoy hot or cold

Happy Halloween from Uncle Jammy!

River City Ribs with Smile For Smokey and River City Rub

You can use this recipe for Baby Back Ribs which are lean and shorter but still have plenty of meat and are known for their tenderness. Or you can use Spare Ribs, which come from the lower ribs and are typically more fatty, more fat, more flavor as Uncle Jammy likes to say.

We are going to do a dry rub on these to create a wonderful caramelized crust on the outside of the ribs. I’ve chosen River City Rub, with hints of smoked paprika and brown sugar, this rub hits the sweet and the savory, perfect for ribs

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Beer Can Chicken with Southern Tier's 2X Experimental Pack

One of the most unique ways to cook a chicken. Steam the beer right inside and let the flavor get into the meat from the inside out.

We experimented with this recipe using Southern Tier’s 2X experimental pack, new flavors based off of their 2X IPA, which is the base for Uncle Jammy’s Hooray for IPA Barbecue Sauce. The 2X factor is in effect.

The combination of five different Uncle Jammy’s rubs with five different 2X IPA beer flavors produced some of the most juicy and flavorful chicken we’ve ever had. Hooray for IPA sauce at the finish brings out the unique flavor even more!

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