Wholesale Client Terms & Conditions / Agreement


Quality and customer experience :: Uncle Jammy’s brand is known for excellent, unique locally produced products that stun with creative flare and excellent customer service. Maintaining these qualities is important for our collective customers' experience and the value of Uncle Jammy’s brand. To ensure that our brand and collective customers' experience are not compromised, and to maintain our ability to fairly and effectively serve all our wholesalers, we maintain the following policies: 

List price: All resellers must sell at a listed retail price no less than the MSRP, which is our listed web retail pricing. You are welcome to sell at a higher price to account for your costs. For sellers outside the US, we will be working with our regional partners to establish appropriate MSRPs for your region to account for international shipping and duties. Please email us for your local MSRP.

Product descriptions: Product descriptions must be accurate and may not misrepresent the product or make false claims. You are welcome to use our media and descriptions for your promotions, but please do NOT simply cut and paste information from our site, especially where pronouns are concerned/ please do not have descriptions indicating that you or your shop created/produced aUncle Jammy’s. The Uncle Jammy’s brand is part of the value of the product, and attribution should be clear on the product page.

Honest offerings: You may not claim to offer, or allow pre-sale purchasing of products that are not yet available for wholesale, or list products that have been discontinued or that you do not have in stock.

Wholesale Terms *

  • Wholesale discounted prices are available to customers that will be reselling our products to the consumer through an established retail store or web site. (Please provide a copy of your resale license, or State tax ID to verify eligibility).
  • Current prices and suggested retail prices are posted on our website.
  • Promo codes for wholesale buying may not be shared, sold, traded, or otherwise provided to consumers. Failure to comply to the Wholesale Terms may result in access being revoked.
  • Only those accounts that we currently have on file as wholesale customers may access the wholesale-only portion of our site.*
  • If you are currently a wholesale customer, you may use the Login section above to gain access.
  • Our wholesale section contains our current "retail ready" wholesale availability, which we update weekly, along with wholesale pricing.
  • We strictly enforce our wholesale policy. Customers who are not registered and eligible (Retailers) will be charged retail prices whether or not they have access to the wholesale portion of our website.

We’re entrepreneurs. We understand.We want our customers and your customers to be Pleased!

We are looking forward to having a healthy working relationship with your organization in future. Thank you for your kind consideration and we are looking forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions we value your support, and feedback. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We will talk to you soon.

Call us at (412-944-2974), email us at info@412bbq.com, or complete our wholesale application form.



If you receive your availability or other communication from us by email, please be sure to keep us updated on any changes in your email address so you will not miss out on any events!Thank you!


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