My Story - Jamal's story

My name is Jamal Etienne-Harrigan and for the past 14 years I have been making crazy wing sauces and dry rubs how’d I get started?Baking alcohol infused cocktail inspired cakes played a big role! Yes it's weird to attribute the path I’ve taken from Connecticut (with a layover in State College) to the Shelves of Pittsburgh totally to my talent for turning a Bahama Mama into a confection, but I speak the truth. My coworkers at the Red Lobster in State College got used to that parade of confections, I was almost shocked when one of them asked me if I could come up with some cool sauces to put on wings for Monday night football. In that moment I found a new challenge, How do you escalate this to give them that same “Wow” experience as the cakes!?

Area 51 was born that night, my flagship sauce (Avocado, Jalapenos, Tequila and Totally Green) - a sauce that defined my ambitions. I wanted a very real and very visceral reaction, I didn’t want to disappoint and that night I didn’t have to worry. That night, aside from breaking a friends nose (in a non-angry fashion), everything went beautifully! I had found my new thing, no longer cake guy - now I was Sauce Guy! Now I just had to lean on what I had learned at home watching my mother & grandmother.

Food was big in my family, my family life revolved around food and shared meals. Both of my parents were the youngest of 7 children in their families. My mother's family hailed from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and my father’s family from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, so how was I born in Hartford, Ct? I have no clue, and I also don’t have a cool accent! I got in a lot of hours watching all the older extended family work their magic in the kitchen a Grandma’s - I think having a whole table just for food stoked my curiosity with cooking and experimenting - setting up the events that led to few kitchens catching on fire (Nobody’s perfect, don’t Judge)!

From the moment I discovered my gift for the Sauce Ispent most off nights camped in front of a stove, mixing away over a boiling pot. The nights I wasn’t cooking, I was in the library trying to learn about that next new mixture that might intrigue people and get them excited about the flavors. I bought books about Herbs and Spices and studied how they interacted, I looked at how people wanted use those herbs and spices. At that point in my life, nothing mattered more than wing sauces, I didn’t make my first BBQ until a customer Quaker Steak & Lube (My new and totally awesome job) weighed in and told me BBQ Sauce would be a better market to pursue (remember this was way back before Sharknado and So many Fast and Furiouses, had yet to start poppin). In that moment I managed to stay humble take the feedback, switch my game up learn all things BBQ. Replicating BBQ sauce & flavors was different, it was structured, there were already defined parameters of what BBQ sauce was from region to region and that was not my game. I had spent the last couple of years, making things up and improvising.I had finally experienced a challenge, there were many, many iterations of BBQ sauce and I hit several walls(word to the wise wait until the sauces cool down and rest for a while, MUCH easier to tell apart subtle taste differences). I resorted to smearing BBQ sauce on white strips of paper to better look at the spices they contained, the one that would eventually become Smokey BBQ Sauce, did not come easy. I must have taken so many twist and turns in trying to figure the right formula out –I went through so much from learning how to avoid over spicing (Tsp added instead of Tbsp.) to overpowering flavors. Flavor is all I really wanted! Just wanted my wings to taste good, and that kept me in the game long enough to take requests and see if I could hit the mark (Pittsburgh, I ran out of time on Big Mac Flavored wings).

2010, summer, that's when I came to Pittsburgh, and after 9 years the saga continues...

Uncle Jammy’s Sauces - The Story of how it all started

Uncle Jammy’s Sauces is the machination of guy who has the linear skills of a roomba14 years in the making (In several kitchens). Those early kitchens saw the brand start off as The Smokey City’s 412 BBQ andNobody starts out making wing sauce small, batch, all-natural, preservative free Sauce, seasoning and dry rub company and now has become more. The Sauces have been spun off into the Uncle Jammy's Sauces and the Catering and Live Food has become 412 BBQ and we are bringing up the level of creativity in the industry push beyond those limits. The company as a whole has unique formulations and a relationship building approach and and commitment to a high level of versatility give the customer a complete experience. We ensure your culinary experience is set free when you use our marvelously peculiar all-around products. Our products formulations enhance all dishes including fish, beef, poultry and veggies our sauces, seasonings and rubs will make even the most basic cook look like a Pitmaster.

Our Customer

Our Customer are Brisket Lovers, Ends their day craving slow smoked fork-tender, shredded Pork Butt, for an alternatives, because it’s his turn to make dinner, for their picky fiancé, special dietary needs, is that one friend that has a seasoning for every occasion, and every contingency!

human beings with feelings and emotions like our own

Company Details and Contact

Parent Company: The Smokey City’s 412 BBQ llc. officially started on March 31, 2015 by Jamal Etienne-Harrigan
Uncle Jammy’s Sauces
Pittsburgh, Pa15205
Main Line - 412-944-2974
"Your only homework is to enjoy it!"

Credentials - Graduate of the Bizfit tier 3 Course at the Riverside Center for Innovation, URA Microloan Recipient, Enrolled in Bizfit Tier 2, Cohort Program with Paramount Co-Op

Mentors & Supporting Organizations

Riverside Center for Innovation (Bizfit Tier 3 & Tier 2 Courses)

The Diversity Business Resource Center (DBRC)

University of Pittsburgh center for entrepreneurial excellence (SBDC)

Paramount Co-op

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA)

Hungry For Time

HIP at The Flashlight Factory

Core Values Statement

  1. We want to have an atmosphere of Energy and Enthusiasm, to bring Fun wherever we go
  2. We live to Create, to be imaginative! We want to answer the challenges of our Customer’s special dietary needs
  3. We want to earn your business through our best service which gets you the satisfaction you deserve. We want to be devoted caring, committed and loyal - never chasing a sale, but seeking to build a relationship.

Mission Statement - The Smokey City’s 412 BBQ mission is deeply rooted in providing the people of Pittsburgh (& Beyond) with an excellent, unique locally produced product that reflects the community values. We want to evolve into a community business partner and become a top caring and innovative employer. We want to give our target market of families who are avid grillers, barbecuers, and smoking enthusiasts a chance to do as they can for the community, social change through interactions through us. Through our actionsand examples we want to bring peace and love back to the dinner table.

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